My response, in 200 words or less, when asked why I teach…

I teach … because I care. I care about our children and their future as citizens of the world.
I want to make a difference in their lives, to connect, guide and empower them to reach for the stars. I love their enthusiasm and sense of wonder and I want to nurture their passions and help them to discover their skills and strengths.
I work in a diverse school setting and it’s not always easy. There are days when it’s hard to connect with some students. But I have found that where there is compassion, trust and a good relationship, obstacles can be overcome together.
My biggest challenge is trying to fit everything in. As much as I love teaching my students, I also love learning and sharing with others. I volunteer in the community through our state IT association and this enables me to interact with teachers around the world.
I’ve been teaching for a long time, but I’m still passionate and feel that there’s more for me to do.
So I teach, to keep making a difference.
– Tina Photakis, South Australia

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