Guess the date?

I can’t believe it has been so long since I started this blog! I have fallen victim to having too many new cybertoys to play with and not having enough time to explore them properly. What do I mean by this? I’ll try to explain…

I love being online and interacting with amazing people, whether they are in my field of education or just out there in cyberworld. I have learned so much about life just by interacting online and I love it! However, along with great global interactions come the great things that people are doing ‘out there’ and it’s fantastic when they share what they are doing and the great resources that they are doing it ‘with’. For example, I logged onto Twitter today and caught the tail end of the Qsite 2009 conference #qsite09. It was amazing to use Ustream and to be part of the action even though we are at opposite ends of Australia.

I also read Pam Thompson’s latest class blog entry, which was wonderful and inspired me to check out my ‘blog’ !

Pam also gave a link for ‘smilebox’ :

It is a nifty little application that does amazing things with photos and it is free!

 I could keep going with my online tangents but the real world beckons at the moment…I will be back.


 I can’t believe that I wrote that back in 2009! Where has the time gone? Not much has changed since I wrote that as I still love being online and connecting with people all around the world. I now have a richer PLN and I share as much of what I am doing as I can.